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ESPERA Multi-cassette Weigh Price Labellers

ESPERA Multi-cassette Weigh Price Labellers

ESPERA ES7000 Series Weigh Price Labeller
The ESPERA ES7800 series of Multi-cassette Weigh Price Labellers are the first truly innovative system of its type available in the marketplace today. Specifically designed for the ever-changing market this machine offers high end performance and functionality with minimum floor space requirements.

With only one printer and thermal head but five label roll cassettes for different labels, the ES7800 can label products without loss of time for product or label changes. One product can be labelled with different labels depending upon customer or weight requirements, or different products can be labelled with different labels. The ES7800 opens up new possibilities for efficient and space saving weigh price labelling at a convincing price performance ratio.  Labels rolls may be changed during operation without stopping. All this at speeds up to 120 packs per minute.

The ES7000 series of machines are suitable for use in conjunction with typical tray sealing, stretch wrapping, and thermoforming production lines at speeds up to 120 packs per minute. All systems feature PC based operating systems, full colour operator interface touch screens, servo motors and controls for conveyor systems, and simple operator friendly icon based programming and functions, high level of functionality and customization, and the ability to connect to central database software. The applicator has full functionality with label rotation, product height, and positioning all adjustable and programmable back to each product code. In addition servo driven centralising guides and servo driven lateral positioning for the printers are also integrated and programmable for each product or PLU code.

The ES7800 features a 3 / 6 / 8kg x 1 / 2 / 5g scale and can weigh pack sizes up to 370mm long x 280mm wide x 200mm high with centralising guides, and is fully constructed in stainless steel.

Also available as the ES9800 Print & Apply version without the scale.

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