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Four Sided Seals Sachet machines

The ILAPAK range of ALFA PC continuous multi-lane four-sided seal sachet machines are suitable for packaging granules, powders, pastes and liquids, using a wide range of dosing systems.

ALFA PC Four Sided Seals Sachet Machine

ALFA PC Four sided seals sachet machines

All machines in the ALFA range share the same set of advantages. Namely: PC control, five independent motor drives, easy operator control from the front of the machine, access to the interior of the machine from both sides without interfering with the film path, and a wide range of dosing systems available. The sealing stations are modular for ease of sachet size change.

For applications involving wet products, the ALFA PC machines are available with pump synchronization, driven by a brushless motor and controlled by an on-board computer. Each model is available in painted or in optional stainless-steel finish, and with optional long dwell jaws.

The ALFA PC series also work well in fully automatic lines, including counting and stacking into cartoning machines, and vertical or horizontal form fill and sealing machines.

Dosing systems available for dry products include dosing shaft, tilting cups, dosing plate, multi-lane augers, and counting units.

Dosing pumps are used for wet products such sauces, pastes and shampoos, liquid products.

The Alfa 400 offers a maximum film reel width of 420 mm and is ideally suited for single and twin lane applications at lower production throughputs.

The Alfa 700 can be fitted with a maximum film reel width of 720 mm and is adapted for multilane production of small-sized sachets at high production speeds.

The Alfa 900 accepts a maximum film reel width of 925 mm and perfect for multilane production of medium-sized sachets at high production speeds.

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