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VARIOSEAL – Bag In Box or Crate Sealing and MAP

VARIOSEAL Automatic Sealing and MAP
The VARIOSEAL system by NIVERPLAST is a unique and innovative system designed for the automatic sealing of bag liners in cartons or crates.

The VARIOSEAL system runs automatically and accepts cartons or crates of different sizes at random due to its unique method of operation. The machine automatically re-sizes for each different carton or crate size and means that the product flow may be several different lines at once.

The VARIOSEAL machine can also be used for MAP – Modified Atmosphere Packaging – where the existing atmosphere may be vacuumed out and replaced with a control gas mixture to prolong product shelf life. The bag liner is fully stretched during the sealing phase to ensure that the seal is crease and wrinkle free to optimise product integrity. Automatic carton taping systems for closing of the carton may also be integrated into the machine.

VARIOSEAL machines are servo motor driven for quiet and efficient operation of speeds up to 8 cartons / crates sealed per minute. DUO double systems are also available for speeds of up to 16 cartons / crates sealed per minute. Machines are available in either painted or full stainless steel versions.

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