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EASYPLAST – Bag In Box or Crate Liner Inserting


EASYPLAST Bag In Box / Crate Liner Inserter
The EASYPLAST Bag in Box or Crate Liner Inserter by NIVERPLAST is a unique system designed to take pre-made liner bags from a wicket and insert them automatically into pre-erected cartons or crates, buckets or drums.

The EASYPLAST systems run automatically without any production stops due to its rotating bag compartment where the next load of bags have been prepared whilst the machine is still in operation. When the bags run out the bag compartment automatically turns through 180 degrees to load the new bags into the machine without any stopping of the machine or intervention by the operator. The operator then simply prepares the empty bag compartment by loading the next lot of wicketed bags and the machine is ready for the next changeover automatically.

The EASYPLAST machine can be used for up to eight different carton / crate sizes and each size can have a dedicated program for selection by the operator.

EASYPLAST machines are servo motor driven for quiet and efficient operation of speeds up to 12 cartons / crates per minute. DUO double systems are also available for speeds of up to 22 cartons / crates per minute. Machines are available in either painted or full stainless steel versions.

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