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Cross Web Labellers

Labelling systems for the application of labels to the top and / or bottom film webs on roll stock or thermoforming machines and top film webs on tray sealing machines.

Cross Web Labellers

ELS 500 Cross web labelling systems for the printing of barcodes, product weight, list of ingredients, pack price and best before date amongst others. Thermoformed packs can be labelled on the top and/or the base of the package depending on your requirements.

The ELS 500 series of cross web labelling systems offer all the prerequisites for labelling and branding of thermoformed packs and features;

  • • Labelling station with microprocessor controlled stepper motor drive.
  • • Controls with clear and visible operator guidance.
  • • Label transport unit mounted at right angles to the flow direction of the packaging machine.
  • • Longitudinal indexing unit for multi-row labelling from 2 to 6 rows.
  • • Mountings for fitting the labeller to the thermoforming packaging machine.
  • • Modular component assembly
  • • End of reel warning facility for almost downtime-free labelling operation
  • • Reduced time for planned maintenance through the high quality manufactured flat surfaces and internally mounted assemblies.
  • • Label transport unit with plug-in service supply connectors.
  • • Longitudinal indexing unit for use with multiple die sets, for multi-row labelling from 2-3 rows.

There are five ELS 500 series cross web labelling systems to choose from depending upon your production requirements.

ELS 510   Labelling onto the top film web before sealing onto packs on tray sealing or thermoforming machines
ELS 520   Labelling onto the top of the finished packs on thermoforming machines
ELS 530   Labelling onto the bottom of the finished packs on thermoforming machines
ELS 540   Labelling selectable for either onto the top or bottom of the finished packs on thermoforming machines
ELS 550   abelling onto the top and bottom of the finished packs on thermoforming machines