ASTRA PC Random Bag Length Flow Wrapper

Astra PC

ASTRA PC Random or Fixed Bag Length Flow Wrapper
The Astra PC has been designed for ease of use, yet due to its sophisticated automation technology, it is an extremely capable and flexible inverted flow-wrapper with a box-motion transverse sealing head, compactly designed with a footprint of just 4.5 square metres. Thanks to its accurate sensors, on-board computer and intelligent engineering, the Astra PC can handle irregularly shaped products across a wide range of different sizes. It is equipped with an automatic indexer to correct product positioning and it automatically measures each product, adjusting the length of the bag accordingly, saving on film costs and producing a more attractive package. A version is also available with an extended infeed system for manual loading of products is so required for hygienic reasons or other product characteristics. This versatile machine can be programmed for up to 64 different product applications. Constructed of stainless steel, the Astra PC is exceptionally easy-to-clean and suitable for all applications requiring hygienic conditions. Other features include 6” colour touch screen operator interface with automatic product size change by program recall, integrated temperature controls, electronic on board diagnostics, no-product-no-bag operation on the automatic indexer version, and 3 independent AC drive motors and frequency controllers.

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